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Mission Data: unlocking the integrated force potential in survivability and lethality

13 Sep 2023
Naval Forum
Technology Innovation

Delve into the significance of Mission Data in the development, generation and successful employment of integrated capabilities. Once the sole preserve of radar receiver programmers, Mission Data, derived from technical intelligence and information from both military and industrial sources, now underpins operator situational awareness in almost every weapon, system and domain. 

The panel will address the plans, benefits and challenges of enabling the future integrated force through timely, accurate and assured Mission Data.

Air Vice Marshall (Retd) Phil Osborn CBE, Consultant and Charity Advisor, - Universal Defence and Security Solutions (UDSS)
Air Commodore (Retd) Jason Crawford, Defence Consultant and Managing Director - HardFork Ltd
Captain Mark Jones, Senior Responsible Owner, Navy Command HQ Acquisition Directorate - Royal Navy
Mr Carl Kinson, Director of Technology Strategy and Innovation - DXC

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