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Develop and deliver, at pace, battle winning technologies to the Warfighter

12 Sep 2023
Aerospace Forum
Agile Acquisition & Rapid Delivery

In a world plagued by ever-evolving threats, we must revolutionize the development and deployment of cutting-edge technologies to support and empower the modern Warfighter.

Against a backdrop of global tensions, where we have moved from ‘competition’ to ‘conflict’, now victory on the battlefield is determined not only by the strength of a nation's armed forces but also by the technological prowess and agility of its Warfighting systems.

We must collaborate across government, academia, science, engineering and industry now.  Adversaries are gaining ground; the pressure is on to accelerate the creation of battle-winning technologies that can be rapidly deployed to Warfighters on the frontline.

We must approach capability with an understanding of what risk we need to take to deliver at a pace that exceeds that of our adversaries.  As we push the boundaries of human ingenuity, we must also overcome the ethical implications of unleashing powerful new technologies on the battlefield.

Breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, cyber warfare, and autonomous systems are here today. Yet, with each new advancement, questions arise about the potential ramifications of weaponizing such technologies.  The urgency to deliver these game-changing technologies has never been greater.

Our Warfighters must be equipped with revolutionary technologies enabling them to confront their adversaries across all domains; we must give them every advantage they need to secure victory as failure is not an option.

Air Vice-Marshal Lincoln Taylor CB OBE, Director Capability & Programmes - Royal Air Force
Dr Sophy Antrobus MBE, Research Fellow - Freeman Air & Space Institute
Mr Simon Holford, Head Remotely-Piloted Air Systems - Defence Equipment & Support
Ms Linda Knutsen, Division Head - Exploration - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Air Commodore Chris Melville OBE, Head Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) (designate) - Royal Air Force
Mr Andy Mitchell CEng MIMechE MAPM, Deputy Director – Navy Capability Sponsor - Royal Navy

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Royal Air Force

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