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Develop and deliver innovations that are integrated by design, with information advantage at the core, and tuned to give our Warfighters the decisive edge

13 Sep 2023
Aerospace Forum
Technology Innovation

Highlight our commitment to developing and delivering innovations that are not only groundbreaking but are also strategically interoperable by design, with information advantage at the core, to provide our Warfighters with the decisive edge they need.

In the realm of defence and security, staying ahead of potential antagonists is not merely a choice; it is an imperative. Our adversaries do not rest, and neither can we. The challenges we face are complex and dynamic, requiring solutions that are equally adaptive and forward-thinking. This is where we must harness the power of innovation, integration and information to become our greatest ally, but we urgently need to change our approach to how we manage risk.

At the heart of our journey lies the dedication to create solutions that are seamlessly interoperable by design. By fostering collaboration and breaking down silos, we can create a holistic approach that brings together the best minds from diverse fields. This integration ensures that our innovations are comprehensive and able to address multifaceted threats effectively.

We recognize that information is the lifeblood of modern warfare. To maintain an advantage, we must harness the power of data, artificial intelligence, and cutting-edge technologies. By employing advanced analytics and predictive modelling, we can glean insights that were previously unattainable, empowering our Warfighters with the knowledge they need to make on-time and informed decisions on the battlefield.  In doing so we must understand that our own data will become a critical vulnerability.

Air Commodore Jim Beck OBE MA BEng(Hons) FIKE RAF, Head of Capability Strategy - Royal Air Force
Mr Darren Astall, Catalyst Team Head - Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S)
Cecil Buchanan, Chief Technology Officer & Rapid Capability Office Head of Science - Royal Air Force
Dr. Mark Stevenson, Senior Science Advisor - Air Command - Royal Air Force Headquarters

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