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How can data-driven technologies help a force operate in changing climactic conditions and harsher environments?

12 Sep 2023
Naval Forum
Sustainability & Climate Change

This panel will explore how Western militaries can use novel technologies to better manage equipment degradation, financial planning, maintenance and operations across the Defence Enterprise, including disposals/dismantling/out of service planning in the face of rapidly changing operational environments caused by climate change.

·       Understanding the full picture of any country’s defence landscape is crucial to developing sustainable strategies from home base to the frontline. Doing so digitally is equally as essential. Therefore, the panel will explore how to digitally enable personnel to make better, more sustainable decisions around logistics, maintenance, operational planning and readiness.

·       They will also explore how technologies, such as Palantir’s MetaConstellation, can support operational environment mapping (i.e. demonstrating tracking changing flood plains/ river courses / elemental changes that impact the operational environment) to drive competitive advantage across all domains. 

Polly Scully CBE, Senior Adviser, UK Defence - Palantir
Rear Admiral Paul Beattie, Director Naval Staff, Climate Change and Sustainability 2* Champion - Royal Navy
James Clare, Director Climate Change & Sustainability - UK Ministry of Defence
Mr Tom Odell, Principal Advisor in Climate Change and Sustainability - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Lieutenant General Richard Wardlaw OBE MSc BEng FCILT MInstRE, Chief of Defence Logistics & Support - Strategic Command

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