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Autonomy & automation: how to exploit this technology to maximise operational output?

13 Sep 2023
Naval Forum
Technology Innovation

Automation and autonomy are fascinating technologies which are being used operationally in the maritime domain now and offer serious opportunities to deliver better operational outcomes for Navies. This panel has a deep range of experts who are working with this technology daily and they will describe and discuss how to deliver this technology and give their opinion on how to chart the best course to adopting automation and autonomy at sea. From a policy perspective the recent UK Defence Command Paper 2023, like in many countries, gave direction that digitisation/data and  the adoption of autonomy are operational priorities for rapid adoption, drawing on Ukrainian lessons.


This panel will set out:

  • What is available now and how it is being used/delivered operationally now, with tips on how to be agile and disruptive
  • How  the technology is  developing in the short/medium term with edge compute/AI/ML and what other technologies will come to the fore, how do autonomous vehicles with sensors fit into networks.
  • How to engage and work with the regulators/safety authorities to operate the capabilities effectively


Autonomy with platform automation naturally work together and are delivering step changes on live operations today.  Maritime automation of platforms using highly capable digitised platform management systems, using data from all the instrumentation fitted to machinery throughout a platform is driving down the crew numbers, costs and increasing availability.  Partnered with autonomy the panel will discuss what is delivered now, likely development routes for the technology and how to engage and work with the regulators/certifies to maximise the operational benefits.

Mr Graeme Mackay CBE, Vice President - L3Harris Technologies UK Ltd
Perri Adams, Program Manager at Information Innovation Office - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Alasdair Gilchrist MBE MAPM, Maritime Systems Programme Manager - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Ronnie Harley, Navy Partner - Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA)
Mr William Langton, Registrar of Defence Shipping - UK Ministry of Defence

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