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What are the opportunities and threats of Quantum Computing in Aerospace and Defence?

13 Sep 2023
Strategic Command & Keynote Forum
Developing the CyEM domain

As quantum computing matures from low technology readiness levels to enterprise ready, this session will investigate how organisations are preparing to take advantage of this new technology. With discussions on the current use-cases across industries and how these could apply within aerospace and defence the session will bring real world scenarios as evidence for potential value. Considering also the barriers to adoption and how organisations can best prepare for the threat and opportunity of quantum. Key takeaways include:  

  1. How mature is quantum computing for use in the real-world? 
  2. How can aerospace & defence benefit? 
  3. What are the challenges to overcome? 
James Petherbridge, Executive Partner - UK Aerospace & Defence - IBM
Richard Hopkins, Distinguished Engineer - IBM
Ms Barbara McQuiston, Chair of the NATO DIANA Board of Directors - US Department of Defence
Air Commodore Jason Young, Head of Capability C4ISR - Strategic Command

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