DSEI 23 Full Programme


Accelerating CEMA capability adoption: linking technology with operational need

13 Sep 2023
Strategic Command & Keynote Forum
Developing the CyEM domain

Attendees will learn:

  • Impact of operational environment and the need for accelerating capability deployment
    • Potential and limitations of technology to aid CEMA capability
    • Understanding the operational advantage CEMA can bring to Defence
  • Integrating data to create operational advantage
    • Understanding the threat landscape and the importance of protecting data
    • Creating an enterprise culture that values data within CEMA operations
    • The potential of ML/AI to deliver transformative change in Cyber
  • Assurance of CEMA effects as an enabler to capability growth

    • Balancing risk appetite with the needs for assurance in deploying new CEMA capabilities

    • ​​​Increasing the pace of fielding Cyber capabilities with Agile assurance

  • Developing people and skills to maximise the technology at our disposal
    • Training for operations in a contested CEMA environment
    • Upskilling the existing workforce and maintaining pace at a time of rapidly evolving threats
Keith Mallon, Business Development Leader - Information Advantage - QinetiQ
Kristina Evans, Head of Cyber and Security and SRO Land CEMA Programme, Army HQ - British Army
Dr. Sue Fellows, Senior Principal Scientist - Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)
Group Captain Andy Ross, Director JEWSOC - Royal Air Force
Dr. Vicki Saward, Information Advantage Global Campaign Director - QinetiQ
Air Commodore Steve Thornber CBE MA, Deputy Director Integrated Cyber, Electromagnetic and Effects Directorate - Strategic Command

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