International Military Nursing


'Transforming Care Through Innovation, Motivation and Collaboration'

International Military NursingThe inaugural International Military Nursing conference aims to showcase the current research activity of military nurses and how the integration of multidisciplinary practitioners is enabling a positive culture for generating the latest evidence-base to their practice.

The Conference Will...

  1. Discuss how a positive culture of quality improvement is being nurtured within the UK military Nursing Services with an introduction to the strategic research priorities.
  2. Demonstrate how emerging advanced nursing specialties could improve the delivery of care in the Firm base and on operations.
  3. Provide an overview of tools being developed to build resilience amongst care givers.
  4. Identify the importance of the nursing role in transforming care beyond UK borders by demonstrating the evidence of quality improvement achieved by working shoulder-to-shoulder with nurses from other nations.
  5. Establish how further collaboration between the UK military Nursing Services and external health care providers will promote a broader understanding of the mutual benefits associated with quality improvement initiatives.

The conference aims to provide nurses and fellow healthcare professionals with the opportunity to share novel ideas and a greater understanding of how their engagement with quality improvement initiatives is transforming care in the UK and overseas. 

The session will encourage attendees from all healthcare backgrounds to seek new collaborations from within their multidisciplinary teams and enhance those that already exist.  It will appeal to those with an interest in global health and in providing nursing care in remote and challenging environments. It will also be of interest to those seeking to develop nursing practice in innovative ways.

Primary Themes

  • Caring for the Carers – Tools for building resilience
  • Scoping the concept of Military Nurse Practitioners
  • Ethics - Exploring the practical wisdom associated with ethical decision making by nurses
  • The nursing impact on global health

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