Maritime Capability Conference

'The Maritime Contribution to National Prosperity'

Maritime Capability Conference

Co-hosted by the Royal Navy and Department for Transport, the inaugural DSEI Maritime Capability Conference will focus on ‘The Maritime Contribution to National Prosperity’, to emphasise the critical importance of maritime trade and industry to the UK’s national prosperity, and to highlight the ways in which the Royal Navy and the Department for Transport are setting the conditions for future maritime success.


Must-Attend for Naval Sector

The conference has been designed specifically for DSEI visitors and the concurrent London International Shipping Week. The conference will begin with ministerial overviews of the contributions made by the defence, transport and maritime industry communities to national prosperity, while highlighting the wider economic benefits associated with the implementation of the UK’s National Ship-building Strategy. Afternoon discussions will draw on the lessons of previous UK procurement programmes, with a view to identifying and sharing best practice observations. A podium discussion will then set the scene for the formal opening of the DSEI exhibition, by expanding the debate to include international insights on defence procurement, from the perspective of suppliers and buyers, before considering how the Type 31e General Purpose Frigate—the first warship built for the Royal Navy with exportability and interoperability inherent in the design from the start—might be optimised to appeal to an international audience.

First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

“The Royal Navy is proud to be at the forefront of DSEI 2017, a year that marks the start of a new era of British maritime power. As the UK looks to new global economic opportunities, the Royal Navy’s historic role in support of maritime trade rises to the fore once again.  With our co-hosts from the Department for Transport, this year’s maritime capability conference will explore the maritime contribution to national prosperity. DSEI will host Royal Navy warships, as well as those from partner navies, to offer a tangible demonstration of how the types of equipment on display in the exhibition might be employed in the future.

“Few other navies have such a comprehensive programme of investment, or such a bold commitment to technological innovation, as the Royal Navy.  With London International Shipping Week once again running at the same time as DSEI, I look forward to what I know will be a hugely beneficial opportunity for us all to meet with so many partners from industry and academia, and with our counterparts from overseas.”

Admiral Sir Philip Jones, First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

Who Should Attend?

  • Ministers from government departments associated with the maritime contribution to national prosperity
  • Key leaders in the fields of maritime security (Heads of foreign navies and senior officers)
  • Key leaders in the UK ship-building industry, to highlight the opportunities of a National Ship-building Strategy

Topics Include

  • The Defence Contribution to National Prosperity
  • International Maritime Contribution to National Prosperity
  • The National Ship Building Strategy: Applying Ship-Building Lessons from the Past to the Future
  • The Wider Benefits of a Skilled Technical Workforce to Society
  • Exportability and Interoperability: Core Elements of Military Capability
  • Contemporary Observations on Warship Procurement: The Type 26 Global Combat Ship
  • What do customers really want? Lessons on Defence Exports

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