Land Capability Conference:


'The Future of Robotics & Autonomous Systems in the Land Environment'

Land Capability Conference

The commercial and military use of Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) is no longer a future challenge, but one faced now.  Whether it be ISIS’s use of low-cost commercially available ‘drones’ or the unprecedented commercial investment into driverless technology and automated delivery, the challenge for all militaries is to understand how these developments affect current and future military capability.

Disruption & Non-Traditional Industry

The inaugural Land Capability Conference at DSEI will assess how advances in sensors, robotics, computing and Artificial Intelligence are being experienced now and hold the potential for widespread disruption to military capability.  It will explore how developments in RAS technology are now being driven by non-traditional industry; presenting both opportunity and risk for many established sectors.  The conference will discuss the need for collaboration within the RAS domain whilst understanding how militaries are best placed to leverage commercial investment that has long eclipsed military spending.  The British Army will use the conference as a platform to articulate its approach to RAS in the Land Environment (LE) and how it intends to seize the opportunities presented by this fast moving technology.

The Land Capability Conference will bring together senior academics, military decision makers, key allies and industry leaders from across the defence and non-defence sector to present different views on these challenges and assess what needs to be done.  The event promises an opportunity to inform, be informed and participate in lively debate with leading representatives in their field. 

Chief of the General Staff

“The British Army has a long tradition of being at the forefront of innovative technology – last year’s celebration of the 100th anniversary of the tank is a good reminder. Today, it is difficult to remember a time when the strategic context was more complex or dynamic. The defining condition seems to be one of instability. The pervasiveness of information, connectivity and accessible technology offer new tools to more actors. It is also changing the character of conflict. Adaptation, innovation and agility will be vital if we are to face the unpredictable threats of the future with confidence. And it will be innovation that delivers the value for money and productivity we need to deliver military outcomes in the current fiscal climate.

This year’s DSEI Land Capability Conference gets to the heart of a potential game-changer: Robotics and Autonomous Systems.  In combat we face the threat of increased lethality and sophistication, an accelerated pace of operations and an erosion of our traditional military advantage.  Harnessing the opportunities brought by understanding and teaming Robotics and Autonomous systems is the path to an efficient, expeditionary and autonomy-enabled lethal force.  We welcome your help in shaping the future of the British Army and look forward to working together in a new collaborative relationship.”

General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff


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