Air Capability Conference

'The Next Generation'

As air forcesAir Capability Conference around the world actively modernise their current fleets with a mix of new and in many cases substantially upgraded equipment, the Air Capability Conference at DSEI will focus on the short, medium and long term requirements for both military and industry to achieve next generation air superiority.

With the progressive integration of fifth generation multirole fighters operating alongside third and fourth generation platforms, the conference will consider what the future operating environment looks like, particularly in the context of joint campaigns, and the role that air capability development and support will play in shaping the landscape.

Platforms & Integration

Against this backdrop, the conference will explore the requirements for future air systems including the updating and life extension of existing capabilities to enable these to remain relevant in international operations.  It will examine the immediate next steps for the F-35 programme nationally and internationally, including its integration into air forces to operate alongside recently enabled platforms such as the Typhoon. The conference will also consider medium term issues with the introduction of platforms such as P8, and the long term challenges of operating older legacy air systems alongside next generation platforms.

Delegates can expect to see a number of high-level speakers from international air forces and a programme that will delve into the capability challenges of the future air battlespace; a fitting precursor to the DSEI exhibition where visitors will be able continue discussions and meet innovators across the air supply chain.

Chief of the Air Staff

"As it approaches its 100th anniversary, the Royal Air Force remains heavily committed to operations, both defending UK airspace and projecting the Nation’s power and influence around the world. The demand for air power will not change and the Royal Air Force will continue to play into the future a vital role in the security and prosperity of the Nation. The Royal Air Force provides full-spectrum air and space power, professionally, effectively and efficiently.  The longer term challenge for the Royal Air Force is to ensure that it can continue to innovate and deliver decisive air power effect in an increasingly complex and contested environment. The future will inevitably present new challenges as potential adversaries adapt and seek innovative ways to challenge our advantages.  DSEI offers an excellent international platform on which to explore these challenges and ensure we maintain our decisive edge, working together with our industry suppliers."

Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier, Chief of the Air Staff 

Topics Include:

  • Modernising the Air Battlespace Post 2020
  • Fleet Modernisation – Upgrading Third and Fourth Generation Platforms
  • Fifth Generation Platform Integration
  • Live, Virtual & Constructive Training for a Fifth Generation  Battlespace
  • Improving Battlespace Interoperability and Integration
  • Air Systems and Cyber Attacks
  • Capability in Practice and Tactical Superiority

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