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Seminar RoomFollowing on from a successful 2015 event, DSEI 2017 will once again feature sessions in each of the Zones – Air, Land, Naval, Security and Joint. Visitors will be able to see Ministerial and MOD Service Chiefs' keynotes, and topical presentations delivered by thought-leaders from international military, government, industry and academia.


The Global Platform of Choice

The DSEI 2017 Seminar Programme is designed and crafted by the industry. It engages fully between military, industry and academia within the defence and security community to address topics that matter.

2017 will see the global defence and security sector evolving to ensure the security of nations in a modern era of combat. Strategic approaches to contingency planning, agile expeditionary forces, whole force concepts, the expansion of intelligence platforms, and the strengthening of its skills base, has led to a revolution in renewed policies, technical innovations, increased competition and greater collaboration.

Air : Air Superiority

Air dominance and capability is at an evolutionary pinnacle in modern warfare. With the introduction of new platforms, upgrade of legacy platforms, enhancement of airborne ISR and extension of global mobility, the technology, training, procurement and support required to deliver these are challenging suppliers, squadrons and air forces around the world. The Air Seminar will address the issues that are currently engaging global air forces and their suppliers.

Proposed topics:

  • Developing a squadron of Fifth Generation fighter pilots
  • Platform upgrades and the secondary market
  • Interoperability of platforms and systems
  • Integrating capability, C2, doctrine and training
  • Airborne sensors and EW
  • Information optimisation
  • Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul & Upgrade (MRO&U)

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Land : Modern Warfare on the Ground

Armies around the world are faced with an increasingly challenging environment which requires the modern soldier to be more agile and more capable, and infantries more tactical and adaptable. The Land Seminar will examine the government policies, army strategies and capabilities which influence the configuration of modern warfare on the ground.

Proposed topics:

  • Armies at high-readiness including the British Army Strike Brigades and AJAX
  • Projecting land power at distance with minimal logistical support
  • Future soldier
  • Dismounted soldier systems
  • Battlefield intelligence and support
  • Information dominance
  • Capacity building overseas

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Naval : Maritime Agility & Efficiency

In today’s defence & security environment of joint and unpredictable, short notice operations, navies are adapting to enable the agility and efficiency required for rapid deployment at sea, while continuing to maintain its more traditional strategic responsibilities.  The Naval Seminar will delve into the maritime capability challenges for navies and the supplier community.

Proposed topics:

  • Agile navies and interoperability in the Joint space
  • Carrier and fleet support
  • The next generation of autonomous mine countermeasures
  • Ballistic missile defence
  • Rebalancing maritime air support and surveillance
  • Maritime autonomous systems
  • Amphibious forces
  • Counter-piracy, humanitarian and disaster relief
  • Maritime border security

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Security : Cyber, Border & Gendarmeries

The modern security threat environment is varied and complex. Intensifying state competition, regional instability, civil unrest and the borderless realm of cyberspace have manifested a number of emerging global trends. The Security Seminar will consider the evolving threat picture and role of industry and government in reshaping security policy and propelling capability into the future.

Proposed topics:

  • Border security and monitoring
  • Cyber threat, security and capability
  • Signals intelligence
  • Supply chain security
  • Joint border security operations
  • Equipping a modern militarised police-force

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Joint : Warfare in the Information Age & Joint Environment

Warfare in the Joint space is undergoing necessary and rapid transformation in response to the changing strategic environment. The modern forces structure of joint enablers has brought about a new approach to hybrid warfare and operational optimisation, altering the way in which information and intelligence is exploited to enable a more efficient and capable force. The Joint Seminar will look at how this dynamic environment is continuing to evolve at pace.

Proposed topics:

  • Harnessing big data and connectivity
  • Exploiting information in the commercial space
  • Electronic warfare and airborne sensors
  • Training and education
  • The modernising of allied forces
  • Advanced technical and operational capability in military medicine
  • Cyber defence and resilience
  • Autonomous systems and robotics
  • Info ops and shaping the electronic battlespace

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Emerging Technology & Disruptive Innovation

In an increasingly competitive defence & security exports market, industry is being challenged to do more and do better in order to meet complex customer requirements. Outpacing competitors by creating new technology and bespoke, future-proof products at affordable prices has become a priority for both governments and industry. To stay ahead of the game, emerging technology and disruptive innovation are now the most important assets in the exports market. DSEI will explore current ideas and thinking emanating from this step-change across the defence & security sector.

Proposed topics:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Robotics and unmanned systems
  • Non-lethal weapons and effects
  • Laser and high-power microwave technology
  • Advanced materials
  • Wireless and smart technology
  • Miniaturisation
  • Virtual reality and gaming technology

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People & Skills Day : Recruit, Retain, Develop

While equipment and procurement is the traditional core focus of DSEI, the event in 2017 will expand its content to cover what is considered by many to be the most important capability of all – the People & Skills of the defence & security sector. Whether it’s recruiting the next generation of engineering professionals, training, retaining or supporting the work force, the seminar programme across DSEI on Day Four will be dedicated to this important element of the sector.

Proposed Topics:

  • Modernising service personnel, regulars and reserves
  • Inclusion – equality and diversity in the military
  • Service personnel development, fitness/well-being and support
  • Developing a highly skilled military and industrial workforce as a national asset
  • Graduate and apprenticeship schemes
  • Technical skills gaps
  • Training, re-skilling and up-skilling and career development
  • Cross-sector career transition
  • Veterans and history snapshots

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